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Dr. Ken's Corner: Leaving Practice for a While? Think Reentry

Posted by Ken Teufel M.D. on Jan 31, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Despite reports of burned out doctors abandoning their careers, many other doctors simply want some time off -- perhaps a year or more -- to take a breather, spend time with family, or take a sabbatical abroad. The AMA warns that leaving clinical practice for an extended period of time should not be taken lightly: "Lack of retraining before reentry raises questions about patient safety and the clinical competence of reentered physicians." Doctors need to be aware that, "getting back in the game is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes nearly impossible. So before you take a hiatus from medicine, ask yourself--can you afford it?" (

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Dr. Ken's Corner: Retraining and Re-entry: Now There’s An Idea

Posted by Ken Teufel M.D. on Oct 19, 2015 8:46:48 PM

Some would argue that there are enough practicing physicians in the United States — 767,000 at last count.  They say the problem is this: (1) There aren’t enough doctors in the right places, and (2) There aren’t enough primary care physicians, especially family doctors.

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