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Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of May 19th

Posted by Interim Physicians on May 23, 2014 8:08:22 PM is the source for news & perspectives that matter to locum tenens professionals like physicians, mid-level providers, healthcare facilities & staffing firms. Locum Tenens Daily publishes original news and resources from top healthcare publications and professionals on a daily basis.

Here at Interim Physicians, we see Locum Tenens Daily as a top-notch industry publication, offering some of the best commentary in the locum tenens business. Not only are we regular readers, we also have employees who guest-write and share their skills and expertise frequently!

If youâre new to Locum Tenens Daily or just a periodical reader, here are brief synopses for each blog post for the week of May 19th - 23rd:

Monday 19, 2014: Giving Patients Online Access To Lab Results: A Good Idea?

This week in Dr. Ken's Corner, Dr. Ken discusses various reactions when patients are given immediate access to test results online before seeing a doctor. In the study, 72% of patients reported being 'satisfied,' 8% were 'appreciative,' 49% were 'happy,' and 46% 'relieved.' Do you agree with the findings? Should patients be allowed immediate access to test results?

Tuesday 20, 2014: Top 5 Physicians To Follow On Twitter #PhysicianTipTuesday

If you missed the blog, 8 Reasons Why Twitter is THE Social Network for Physician, here's a quick synopsis: compared to other various social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter is deemed as an impeccable social network. With that being said, check out this list of the top 5 physicians to follow on Twitter!

Wednesday 21, 2014: Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI) On Locum Tenens

As the locum tenens industry grows at exponential rates, it is becoming more important for healthcare facilities to understand how to properly bill for locum tenens services. Here are a few helpful tips, from billing to scheduling, to maximize your return on investment on locum tenens physicians.

Thursday 22, 2014: 4 Ways Locums Assignments Can Develop You Into A Well-Rounded Physician

Did you know that taking a locum tenens assignment can be a great way to improve your clinical and professional skills at any stage of your medical career, all with the luxury of travel? From embracing autonomy to sprucing up your people skills, here are four ways a locum tenens assignment can develop you into a well-rounded physician.

Friday 23, 2014: Happy Friday & Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Stay tuned next Tuesday, May 27th, for How to Take the Stress Out of Travel #PhysicianTipTuesday  have a safe and fun holiday!