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Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of September 22

Posted by Interim Physicians on Sep 26, 2014 7:55:12 PM is the source for news & perspectives that matter to locum tenens professionals like physicians, mid-level providers, healthcare facilities & staffing firms. Locum Tenens Daily publishes original news and resources from top healthcare publications and professionals on a daily basis.

Here at Interim Physicians, we see Locum Tenens Daily as a top-notch industry publication, offering some of the best commentary in the locum tenens business. Not only are we regular readers, we also have employees who guest write and share their skills and expertise frequently!

If you're new to Locum Tenens Daily or just a periodical reader, here are brief synopses for each blog post for the week of September 22nd through September 26th:

Monday 22, 2014: Locum Tenens Daily Is Seeking Contributors! #Letsblog

LTD is always seeking new perspectives and well-written commentary from contributors across the country. Whether you're a tenured locums physician or a top-notch staffing company, you are positioned as an expert in the locums and medical industry, and we believe our readers want to hear from you!

Tuesday 23, 2014: Five Things Every Prospective Locum Needs To Know #PhysicianTipTuesday

Locum tenens work offers opportunities and challenges that are unavailable in a permanent placement job. The locum lifestyle is not for everyone, but it is the best option for some. If you are considering working as a locum, here are five things you need to know before making your decision:

Wednesday 24, 2014: DEA Licenses For Locums

As a locums provider, obtaining, managing and maintaining a new DEA registration can be pricey and even somewhat exhausting.  The DEA makes these suggestions for locum tenens providers.

Thursday 25, 2014: Infographic: Anatomy Of A Doctor

For those of us who are unsure of what it really takes to become a doctor, here's an infographic that sums up the time invested, physician salaries, stress level statistics, and the priceless rewards of the career.

Friday 26, 2014: Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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