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Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of June 16th

Posted by Interim Physicians on Jun 20, 2014 4:36:32 PM is the source for news & perspectives that matter to locum tenens professionals like physicians, mid-level providers, healthcare facilities & staffing firms. Locum Tenens Daily publishes original news and resources from top healthcare publications and professionals on a daily basis.

Here at Interim Physicians, we see Locum Tenens Daily as a top-notch industry publication, offering some of the best commentary in the locum tenens business. Not only are we regular readers, we also have employees who guest-write and share their skills and expertise frequently!

If you're new to Locum Tenens Daily or just a periodical reader, here are brief synopses for each blog post for the week of June 16th - June 20th:

Monday 16, 2014: Physicians And The Generational Divide: Explanation Of The Generations - Part 1

American healthcare is rapidly changing due to the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as 'Obamacare.' While change can spur fear in some and excitement for others, one overarching theme remains, each generation tends to deal with change by attacking and adapting in the same method. Currently, there is lots of data that purposefully describes and delineates each generation.

Tuesday 17, 2014: 4 Tips To Start Your Physician Social Media #PhysicianTipTuesday

You've decided to take the leap of faith and join the social world of the Internet. Welcome! Now that you're interested in using public social media channels from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, check out these great tips, from connecting with colleagues to developing a social media goal, for your new found communication outlets.

Wednesday 18, 2014: 5 Must-Have Merits For The Locum Tenens Hero

A superhero doesn't have to have a red cloak and extraterrestrial powers to save the day. Just like iconic comic book characters, locum tenens physicians often come to the rescue for many facilities and practices across the country.

Thursday 19, 2014: Sen. Charles Schumer And The Growing Need For Primary Care Physicians

With an ongoing primary care shortage, Sen. Charles Schumer wants to increase the number of primary care physicians in the United States, especially in rural areas that truly feel the strain from the shortage with a revised version of the "Resident Physician Shortage Act."

Friday 20, 2014: Online Reviews & Tips To A Positive Online Reputation: An Infographic

There's no doubt that patients are utilizing online reviews and ratings more than ever before. As healthcare evolves, patients are becoming savvy and cost-conscious healthcare consumers. Here's an infographic detailing the number of patients who seek out and value online reviews and why providers should embrace the reviews, whether negative or positive.

Stay tuned next Monday, June 23rd, for Doctors And The Generational Divide ACOs - Part 2. Have a great weekend!

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