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Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 4th

Posted by Interim Physicians on Aug 8, 2014 2:48:18 PM is the source for news & perspectives that matter to locum tenens professionals like physicians, mid-level providers, healthcare facilities & staffing firms. Locum Tenens Daily publishes original news and resources from top healthcare publications and professionals on a daily basis.

Here at Interim Physicians, we see Locum Tenens Daily as a top-notch industry publication, offering some of the best commentary in the locum tenens business. Not only are we regular readers, we also have employees who guest write and share their skills and expertise frequently!

If you're new to Locum Tenens Daily or just a periodical reader, here are brief synopses for each blog post for the week of August 4th through August 8th:

Monday 28, 2014: Occurrence Vs. Claims-Made: Making Sense Of Malpractice Insurance For Locum Tenens

Not paying for your own professional liability insurance is one of the biggest perks of working locum tenens, and can sometimes even be the catalyst for making the decision to work locums in the first place. This infographic from Medical Doctor Associates gives you some insight into the big differences between occurrence form and claims-made malpractice insurance.

Tuesday 29, 2014: 10 Physician Tips For Traveling #PhysicianTipTuesday

You've decided to choose traveling medicine as a career path, congrats! As you embark on your locums journey, you may discover some tricks of the trade; From booking flights in an incognito web window to rolling up clothes in your suitcase, here are some of the best kept secrets from our travel experts.

Wednesday 30, 2014: Top 9 Pet Peeves For Physicians

A recent article published in the Huffington Post lists 9 patient pet peeves, by physicians, that just get under your skin. Can you guess these pet peeves? From self-diagnosing to the refusal to vaccinate kids, and the "antibiotics solve all" theory, here are the top 9 pet peeves for physicians.

Thursday 31, 2014: Infographic: Billing For Locum Tenens Services

Facilities: not sure how to bill for locum tenens services? Check out this infographic by Barton Associates and follow the steps to learn how!

Friday 1, 2014: Happy Friday!

Stay tuned next Monday, August 11th for 3 Common Locums Gripes And How To Fix ThemHave a great weekend!


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