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Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 18th

Posted by Interim Physicians on Aug 22, 2014 2:30:21 PM is the source for news & perspectives that matter to locum tenens professionals like physicians, mid-level providers, healthcare facilities & staffing firms. Locum Tenens Daily publishes original news and resources from top healthcare publications and professionals on a daily basis.

Here at Interim Physicians, we see Locum Tenens Daily as a top-notch industry publication, offering some of the best commentary in the locum tenens business. Not only are we regular readers, we also have employees who guest-write and share their skills and expertise frequently!

If you're new to Locum Tenens Daily or just a periodical reader, here are brief synopses for each blog post for the week of August 18th through August 22nd:

Monday 18, 2014: Working In Retirement: An Attractive Option For Many

Rarely does one hear of a physician taking early retirement. In fact, many physicians continue working well past the traditional retirement age of 65.  Being a doctor is who they are, and it's hard to walk away from that part of their personal identity.  

Tuesday 19, 2014: What You Can Do To Get The Best Locum Tenens Jobs #PhysicianTipTuesday

Hospital administrators seeking locum tenens services are not solely interested in finding qualified physicians to fill their need.  They are in fact interested in finding a "right fit", someone who will maintain the level of care or raise the level of care at their facility. Here's how to maximize your chance of getting a great locum tenens position.

Wednesday 20, 2014: Facilities: How To Bill For Locum Tenens Services

As a facility, there are a variety of reasons as to why you may need locum tenens coverage. But, did you know you are able to bill for the care provided by a locum tenens physician? Before you submit a claim, you must follow certain private payer guidelines and Medicare rules. Check out this infographic by Delta Locum Tenens on how to properly bill for locum tenens services.

Thursday 21, 2014: Medical Lessons From Robin Williams

We found this blog from KevinMD and thought it was phenomenal!  We felt inclined to share and remember Robin Williams, the wonderful actor and comedian.

Friday 22, 2014: Happy Friday!

Stay tuned next Monday, August 25th for Old and Wise: We Still Want You - Locum TenensHave a great weekend!

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