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How Do Hospitals Feel About Locum Tenens?

Posted by Interim Physicians on May 8, 2017 3:22:06 PM

Hospitals work with locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners for several reasons. From filling gaps in scheduling to lowering readmission rates and fighting burnout, locum tenens is a great way to help facilities find coverage and secure fast quality care when and where it’s needed most.

With increasing EMR demands and growing patient volume, 51% of doctors report experiencing burnout. Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners can help combat burnout and decrease turnover by lending a helping hand and making sure patients receive better outcomes and allow day to day hospital operations run smoothly when a hospital’s permanent staff is overwhelmed.

By providing extra support to busy hospitals, locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners allow permanent staff the chance to better treat patients during their initial stay - reducing hospital readmission rates and helping facilities avoid harsh penalties. Locum tenens doctors can also follow up with patients and provide them with proper diagnosis and education about their condition, factors shown to also reduce readmission rates for patients.

When a hospital decides it needs additional coverage, they can turn to locum tenens agencies, like Interim Physicians, for help. At Interim Physicians, we perform some of the most thorough screening and performance measurement processes in the healthcare staffing industry, ensuring our facilities are getting the highest quality physicians and advanced practitioners to work for them.

Locum tenens staffing not only makes hiring easier, but also helps hospitals find the most qualified candidates to provide the best care to their patients. Because we realize how important matching the right candidate to the right hospital culture is, it’s more than just putting another person to work. It’s about finding the right physician, for the right facility, at the right time. The satisfaction of our clients and physicians is of the utmost importance.

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