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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Locum Tenens Doctors Confronting Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dr. Ken’s Corner: Loneliness Reaches Pandemic Levels

Dr. Ken’s Corner: Nurse Burnout Prompts Growing Concern

Dr. Ken's Corner: Rural Physicians Workforce in Jeopardy

Dr. Ken's Corner: landmark report addresses physician burnout

Dr. Ken's Corner: surgeons can achieve pain control with fewer opioids

We've been named a Largest Locum Tenens Staffing Firm for the 4th year!

Dr. Ken's Corner: new standards for surgical care of the elderly

4 inspiring women who changed the course of medicine

Why more women in medicine are getting their groove back with locum tenens

Dr. Ken's Corner: are patients harmed when residents work fewer hours?

6 of the coolest rooftop spots to visit right now

When you’re staffing for the fast-paced world of locum tenens, you have to be quick on the draw

Thinking about going locum? You're not alone.

Dr. Ken's Corner: prescription drug marketing faces criticism

Add these top 5 mental health blogs to your 2019 reading rotation

Dr. Ken's Corner: rural Americans deserve better access to health care

6 unique ways to battle physician burnout

Dr. Ken's Corner: competency of older doctors being questioned

Have you thanked the people who make hospitals work this week?

Dr. Ken's Corner: deadly superbug comes out of the shadows

Interim Physicians finds its groove in Atlanta (and we’re just getting started)

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is it Burnout or Boredom?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is Telemedicine the New Frontier?

Interim Physicians is a Best of Staffing® Award Winner for the third year!

Dr. Ken's Corner: Leaving Practice for a While? Think Reentry

Dr.  Ken's Corner: Why the Decline in Office Visits to Primary Care Physicians?

Dr. Ken’s Corner: Hospitals Step Up Efforts To Fight Superbugs

Interim Physicians Named a Largest Locum Tenens Staffing Firm for 2018!

Dr. Ken's Corner: Why Do Small, Independent Practices Have Less Burnout?

Dr. Ken's Corner:  Loneliness Linked to Serious Health Problems

What do women in medicine want? The locum life.

Meet Dr. Michelle Bens: Queen of the court, the ER, and locum tenens

Dr. Ken's Corner: Should Doctors Encourage Audio Recordings of Patient Visits?

America’s heartland is starved for doctors, and (believe it or not) there’s rarely a dull moment

Dr. Ken's Corner: Warnings Issued for Prescribing Meds That Can Cause Depression

Beat the heat (and high admission rates) this summer with locum tenens

Dr. Ken's Corner: Hospital-Acquired Conditions Show Dramatic Drop

We're celebrating National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day!

Dr. Ken's Corner: More Patients Going Online to Choose Their Doctors

Hello, the nurse practitioner will see you now

Rudy, Warm Beer, and a Tuskegee Airman: Adventures with Justin Moore, MD

From Podiatry to Critical Care: the Long Strange Trip of Justin Moore, MD

Dr. Ken's Corner: Doctors Express Mixed Feelings About Artificial Intelligence

Why humor is imperative for physicians (and patients, too)

Dr. Ken's Corner: Battle Brewing Over Ban on Physician-Owned Hospitals

Becoming a Locum Tenens Physician Just Got Easier

EMRs: a skill that can help you land future assignments

Dr. Ken's Corner: U.S. Life Expectancy Takes Another Alarming Drop

Serving up health care with heart

Interim wins Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent Award for the 2nd year!

Dr. Ken's Corner: Micro-Hospitals Fill Niche in Healthcare Marketplace

Dr. Ken's Corner: New Concerns About Patient Satisfaction Scores

Dr. Ken's Corner: Erasing the Stigma of Physician Depression

Dr. Ken’s Corner: Hospital Admissions Stall As Outpatient Services Soar

Interim Physicians Named a 2017 Largest Locum Tenens Staffing Firm

Dr. Ken's Corner: Rural Hospitals Face Threats to Survival

Locum tenens jobs: a helpful transition for soon-to-retire physicians

America’s Aging Population Needs More Orthopedic Surgeons

The Trend of Trust in Locum Tenens Physicians

Dr. Ken's Corner: Prescribing Missteps: Sharing the Blame

A Look at the Increasing Demand for Locum Tenens Emergency Doctors in the US

The Challenge: Achieving Physician Work-Life Balance

Physician Burnout: A Remedy

Texting Protected Patient Information: A Slippery Slope

Facing the Dilemma of Too Few Psychiatrists

Facing a Workforce Challenge? Let Locum Tenens Fill the Gap

Physicians: Make Time Off a Priority (You'll Thank Us Later)

Dr. Ken's Corner: FDA Drafts New Blueprint for Pain Management

Crossing State Lines: New Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

How Do Hospitals Feel About Locum Tenens?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Second Opinions No Longer an Afterthought

The Locum Life: Which One Are You?

Understanding Your Locum Tenens Contract

Dr. Ken's Corner: 24-Hour Shifts OK'd for New Physicians

Top 5 Physician Blogs to Follow

Let’s Talk About Doctor Depression

Dr. Ken's Corner: Burnout Less Likely In Doctors Who View Medicine As A Calling

Is Locum Tenens Right for Your Facility?

Improve Work-life Balance With Locum Tenens

Top 4 Locums Locales

Dr. Ken's Corner: Do Threats of Malpractice Suits Improve Patient Care?

The Benefits of Travel Rewards Programs for Locum Tenens Physicians

What You Should Know Before Traveling with Your Pet

Four Reasons Why Young Physicians Should Choose Locum Tenens

Get the Job You Want by Building a Strong Relationship with Your Recruiter

Keys to Success as a Locum Tenens Physician

Stay Safe While Traveling This Holiday Season

Dr. Ken's Corner: Why is U.S. Life Expectancy Going Backwards?

Seven Common Locum Tenens Myths Debunked

Dr. Ken's Corner: Are Retail Clinics Cutting Down On ER Visits?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Doctors Outperform Computers In Diagnostic Accuracy

Choosing the Right Locum Tenens Agency for You

Dr. Ken's Corner: Patients and Computers Compete for “Face-Time”

The Top Five EMR Systems You Need to Know

Busy Physician? There’s an App for That

Dr. Ken's Corner: Overuse of Prescription Drugs a Growing Danger for Aging Americans

Managing Your Online Reputation Just Got Easier

The Scary World of “Doctor Google”

Top 5 Online Resources for New Physicians

Dr. Ken's Corner: The Disconnect Between Patient Satisfaction and Quality Care

Why Should You Make Ohio Your Next Locum Tenens Destination?

Wherever Your Assignment Takes You, We'll Be There

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is a Mandatory Retirement Age for Doctors on the Horizon?

Advice for Young Physicians Post-Residency

From Coast to Coast, We Staff the Most

Interim Physicians: Your Locum Tenens Experts

Backing Up Our Focus on Quality For You

The Struggles of Being a Busy Physician Just Got Easier

Should I Work Locum Tenens?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Direct Primary Care Gains Traction

Find a Locum Tenens Position Through A Staffing Firm

Dr. Ken's Corner: Be Wary of FDA-Designated "Breakthrough" Drugs

5 Reasons to be a Locum Tenens Physician

Dr. Ken's Corner: First Ever Guidelines Issued for Prescribing Opioids

Happy National Doctors' Day from Interim Physicians

Dr. Ken's Corner: Doctors, Patients, and the Blurring of Professional Boundaries

Physicians Working in Retirement: Myths Vs. Reality

Dr. Ken's Corner: 1% of Physicians Responsible for 32% of Paid Malpractice Claims

On Becoming a Doctorpreneur

Dr. Ken's Corner: Medicare to Pay for End-of-Life Discussions

Dr. Ken's Corner: Retraining and Re-entry: Now There’s An Idea

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is the Free Standing ER a Good Thing?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Should Patients Have Access to Your Notes?

Why Should I Become a Travel Physician?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is Health Care By Appointment in Jeopardy?

Dr. Ken's Corner: Are Americans Getting Too Much Medical Care?

Dr. Ken's Corner: True of False? Shorter Shifts Improve Patient Safety

A Locum Tenens Job – Many Opportunities, One Common Denominator

Dr. Ken's Corner: CT Scans Overdone, Say Radiologists

The Company Doctor Is "In"

Dr. Ken's Corner: Is "Standardized" Care the New Standard of Care?

Dr. Ken's Corner: On the Horizon: Complete Overhaul of Residency Training

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of January 26th

Dr. Ken's Corner: How Americans Choose Their Doctor: A New Study

#StateoftheWeek: Trivia Time!

Dr. Ken's Corner: Working in Retirement: An Attractive Option for Many

#StateoftheWeek: Trivia Time!

#StateoftheWeek: Indiana

The 15 Minute Consult: A "Catch 22"

Dr. Ken's Corner: Errors in Diagnosis: Under the Microscope

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of October 20

#StateoftheWeek: Wisconsin

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of September 22

Dr. Ken's Corner: Demand for Medical Scribes Growing Rapidly

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of September 15th

#StateoftheWeek: Illinois

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 25th

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 18th

Dr. Ken's Corner: Doors Closing to Drug Reps

#StateoftheWeek: California

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 11th

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of August 4th

#StateoftheWeek: Massachusetts

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of July 28th

'You're Fired,' Said The Doctor to the Patient

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of July 21st

16 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For You

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of July 14th

Marketability & The Locum Tenens Physician

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of July 7th

How Hospitals Can Bill for Locum Tenens

#StateoftheWeek: Texas

Medical Schools: Friend or Foe of Primary Care?

#StateoftheWeek: North Carolina

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of June 16th

#StateoftheWeek: Georgia

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of June 2nd

5 Must-Have Merits for the Locum Tenens Hero

Dr. Ken's Corner: An Epidemic of Physician Burnout: Myth or Reality?

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of May 19th

Locum Tenens Daily Wrap Up: Week Of May 12th

To: Michigan Hospital, With Love: Interim Physicians

A Locum Tenens Physician Can Make a Difference in the Developing World

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Physicians Need a Coach, Too

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Is Solo Practice Dead?

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Physician Online Ratings: Good or Bad?

Limited Work Hours for Physicians-in-Training...or Not

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Has the Power of the Bedside Exam Been Forgotten?

Medical Care and the Elderly: When Less is Better

'You're Fired,' Said The Doctor to the Patient

Independent Practices Losing More Ground

Using Locum Tenens Staffing as a Long-Term Recruiting Tool

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Service Abroad Plus Locum Tenens: A Perfect Fit

Prevent Healthcare-Reform Access Problems with Proactive Locum Tenens Staffing

Taking Time to Find the Right Locum Tenens Physician for Your Facility Will Pay Dividends

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Demand for Locum Tenens Physicians Slowing? Not Really. It's Just Changing

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