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A Locum Tenens Job – Many Opportunities, One Common Denominator

Posted by Interim Physicians on May 28, 2015 3:12:22 AM

When a healthcare facility is understaffed, they turn to locum tenens staffing firms to recommend a candidate who would be best suited to fill the vacancy on a temporary basis. These firms are more than placement agencies interviewing and trying to fill as many positions as possible.

A Proud Past and Promising Future

At Interim Physicians, we have been in the locum tenens business from the start. In fact, we pioneered the process, and now, over 30 years later, we continue to raise the bar. In that time, we have met hundreds of incredible locum tenens providers in all medical specialties. We have built solid relationships with these individuals, as well as the hospitals and health facilities who welcome them.

Finding the Perfect Match

Filling a locum tenens job with the right provider is like playing matchmaker. Staffing firms will pour through their list of qualified physicians within all of the medical specialties and will find the perfect match who could step into the position with ease. If the position, location and contract timeframe is suitable, the locum tenens professional will accept the position and both sides will mutually benefit from the partnership. Yet that’s only part of the equation. Together, all parties desire one fundamental result — consistent, quality care.

Finding the perfect physician to fill locum physician jobs is a true commitment. At Interim Physicians, our goal is to recommend a medical professional who cares about the work they do and the people they serve. Every candidate for a locum tenens job is screened for experience, their qualifications and, of course, their medical track record and credentials. Yet, they are also interviewed and assessed for the qualities that are most representative of the people we hire — patience, caring, concern, the ability to touch lives and the eagerness to change them.

We Monitor Progress and Conduct Follow-Ups

Staffing firms are more than placement agencies making random selections from a pool of talent. At Interim Physicians, we work hard to ensure that patients have the same kind of care that we would expect if we were in their shoes.

We are in constant contact with our locum tenens physicians during their assignments, and once they are complete. We measure our progress and success in filling locum physician jobs, by gathering feedback. Our mission has been accomplished if the placement resulted in a rewarding experience for the physician, healthcare facility and the patients in their care.